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Mobile Apps – Present and the future



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With the ever expanding numbers of smart phones across the world, mobile apps for business and pleasure have mushroomed in the two dominant hosting platforms – Apple Store and Google Play. A sweeping look at the apps ecosystem reveals that five broad categories of apps are widespread – Entertainment / Networking, Productivity / Utilities, Self Service, News / Information and Businesses. Vast improvements have happened with apps across all of these classes generic viagra belgique. Improvements have come about in back end technology, user interface, integration with payment / CRM systems, branding, cohesion with web presence / physical stores etc.

With technology that is forever changing, the future will see even more changes impacting mobile apps and how users will interact with them.

–          Increased customization – As mobile technology continues to evolve, there will be huge improvements in providing users with customized information based on their location, demographics, past purchase patterns, etc. Experience will become more interactive and tailored. The power of social networks will be leveraged even more to deliver the right product at the right time to the intended customer base.

–          Technology changes – While most apps currently are built on native code or HTML5, the future may see improvements in code that lend themselves better to a more meaningful user experience. We will also see better network coverage that will improve reliability of apps.

–          Device makeover – Tablets are now mainstream, wearable technology like web enabled glasses and wrist watches are making inroads. Apps suited to these devices are still being developed.

–          Monetization and expansion strategies – The future will see more engaging ways to work with customers and also to monetize interactions beyond just the app purchase. Apps will be better integrated with the other points of sale like web presence and physical stores, value added services will also play an integral part in bringing revenue.

The mobile apps market place promises to be extremely dynamic and will continue to put the customer center stage. Few would have predicted that there would be almost 1.2 Million Apps each on Google Play and Apple Store, this is the figure for June 2014. The future may not see an exponential growth but will definitely see more personalization coming in.


Written By  Hatch Force Team , Austin, Texas

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