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Mobile Apps and the one minute mile




I was reading the other day about an article on Roger Bannister and it was fascinating to read how he broke the record for running the mile in under four minutes for the first time, exactly 60 years ago. It was never done before, however it has been accomplished many times since. It is worthwhile to sit and ponder as to why it took that one run in 1954 to break the long standing record. It turns out that running a mile under four minutes was considered “unachievable” and not worth aiming for. The examples from the world of technology are also very similar.

In a world of mobile phones awash with QWERTY keypad models, it took an Apple to create the world’s best selling smartphone that had just one buton. Apple again broke free from the conventions the second time around when it created a device that was smaller than your shirt pocket that could store all of your music, movies, photos and podcasts.


Is your mobile app a Roger Bannister or is it running with the rest of the crowd? Think about your application and see if the answers of any of the following questions are in the affirmative.

What is the break out attribute of your app that makes it special in the market place?

How is it beating its competition? Is your app a me-too app or is it fulfilling a unique customer need that no other app can satisfactorily resolve?

Are you treating your customers to something special in terms of offers, user interface, payment options, promotions etc. that the competitors are not?

What is your app’s Unique Selling Proposition?

Does your app have a functionality that is easy to mimic or it difficult to replicate?

It is predicted that by the year 2016, the number of mobile app downloads will exceed 43 Billion. Think about that number, sounds mind boggling. But that said, 99% of those downloads are contributed to by less than 20 applications. What is it that is special about these 20 applications? There lies your answer. Think outside the box!

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