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How to build a truly world class app

I was attending a conference last week that brought together companies from a variety of industries that were assembled to discuss strategies to make their mobile business more appealing, intuitive and of course, at the end of the day money making ventures viagra generique fr. The days’ proceedings made for some very interesting listening and I thought I would share some insights with all of you.

Essential-appsFirst off, there is no stopping the smart phone train. A recent study of the mobile market indicates that over 55% of adults in the US carry a smart phone and the numbers in the rest of the first and developing world are not very different. Another study predicts that by 2016, mobile application download numbers would have reached a staggering 44 billion. It was therefore not surprising that the meetings discussed several issues like platforms, user features, navigation, visual medium, integrations of the application with the traditional web and physical stores and integration with the company’s overall PR strategy. As expected, opinions were varied. However, everyone was in agreement that the one key thing that helps a superior application stay clear of competition is the visual interface and a superlative user experience, so as you’re reading this if you feel your businesses website is lacking in user experience or other areas, you might want to think about a website redesign, as well as using a different web host.

So, what is the recipe to getting to that right balance between all of these varied elements and yet get the end result just right? It turns out that irrespective of the industry, the answer is always available with the one character that plays God all the time – the end user. The key to create a great mobile application is to understand the customer needs, translate that into an implementable work flow and leave the development to the experts. The rules of the game are that simple and universally true.

The good news is that there are experts on all key platforms – Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android available right here in Texas. Our teams of Application Experts in Austin, Texas have helped several businesses in the US and elsewhere tap the potential of mobile businesses by creating state of the art, customer centric custom applications that users love to use and come back to. Our robust methodology of seeking user inputs, design, development, testing and rollout will ensure that the result starts delivering results quickly.

When was the last time you wanted to launch a mobile application but did not know who to ask?