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Mobile Apps – Present and the future

For illustration purpose only With the ever expanding numbers of smart phones across the world, mobile apps for business and pleasure have mushroomed in the two dominant hosting platforms – Apple Store and Google Play. A sweeping look at the apps ecosystem reveals that five broad categories of…

The anatomy of a cutting edge Mobile App

Mobile Apps are ubiquitous and have proliferated in all parts of the world. Apps have created celebrities out of developers and have created millions for the hosting platforms. A study indicates that by the year 2016, users would have made close to 45 Billion downloads of applications around the…

Why start-ups should go for Mobile Apps ?

Image for illustration purpose only Think of any great website that you visit often and chances are that it has a mobile presence. Just off the top of my head I can think of Reuters, WSJ, BBC, CNN to name a few in the news space and of course, there is the social network lot […]

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