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The anatomy of a cutting edge Mobile App



Mobile Apps are ubiquitous and have proliferated in all parts of the world. Apps have created celebrities out of developers and have created millions for the hosting platforms. A study indicates that by the year 2016, users would have made close to 45 Billion downloads of applications around the world viagra belgique pharmacie. You must have heard the phrase “There’s an app for that!”. It is true. There are apps out there on practically every topic from productivity to religion and from DIY to music. While there are several apps that fall by the wayside, there are thousands of apps that are making money for the platform (usually Apple Store or Google Play) and for the developer.
There is such a thing called the DNA or the anatomy if you will, of a successful mobile app. This translates to the essentials for a basic, working app that works well and is fit for purpose. Here are a few must haves for all apps.


At the top of the list is the holy rule for everyone who wants to sell anything – Fulfill a need. Every app must deliver a solution to a need that its target customer segment has. It could be an app for reviewing restaurants or an app for playing a hugely addictive game – there must be a desire that your app is able to satisfy. Candy Crush entertains, Facebook connects, Spotify plays music.


 Ease of use and technological relevance – Every successful app boasts of an interface that is easy to use and uses technology that works will all smart phones and platforms. There is a reason why WhatsApp was bought for 19Billion Dollars and is an app present on virtually every phone!

 Unique Selling Proposition – A world class app has to stand out from the rest of the competition through its unique offering. Since the apps marketplace is extremely competitive, there are multiple apps offering more or less the same functionality. The winning app is usually the one which offers something unique, valuable and something that cannot be easily copied. An app like Twitter helps you reach out to the world in just 140 characters. It is hard to find another app that does that job as well.


Lastly, Branding – Apps need to represent a brand or a promise. Think Ferrari or Lamborghini. They are not just cars, they are brands.
There you have it. If your app can do justice to the four basic tenets above, you are well on your way to create a meaningful destination for your customers.



Written By Hatch Force Team , Austin, Texas



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